Pets Uniting People Society Needs A Trip Raffle for 2022

It's no secret that Pets Uniting People Society (PUPS) has been blessed with its fundraising, especially Spring Trips during the last few years. 

Let's take a look at each raffle trip:

The very first one was to a Bed & Breakfast in Cynthiana, Kentucky, Ashford Acres! Wow! What a beautiful place! It was placed in the fall "Autumn Leaves" Auction and the successful bidder was Susan, a PUPS board member.  

Second one was as equally beautiful. It was also in Kentucky, Versailles, The Storybook Inn.


The third was a Bed & Breakfast is the state of North Carolina, close to Ashland. It was the wonderful Bed & Breakfast at Tiffany Hill. 

The latest Trip Raffle was a Mississippi Cruise...a 9-day cruise valued at over $9,000. It sported the PUPS' On a Mission Magazine cover with an inside story! Wow! How blessed PUPS has been to receive these donations for the betterment of animals and the people who love them! PUPS thanks them all! 

Now PUPS needs a new Trip offering. Will you donate a trip for the year 2022? 

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