Stop and Think

Decided it's about time I wrote on this blog! I've always got something on my mind, facebook reminds me of that. But, seriously, I've had a lot on my mind and heart lately, but it's mostly about our country filled with all different faiths, cultures, and races. Why can't we just get along? Is it because we feel our beliefs are different? our thoughts different? Whatever it is, this is what I choose to do.

Stop and reflect on what has been said or written. How should I respond? 

Here's something I've read many times and it's so true. Before one writes or speaks, reflect and T-H-I-N-K.


T  Is it TRUE?

-   Is it HELPFUL?

I    -   Is it INSPIRING? 

-   Is it NECESSARY?

-   Is it KIND?

I've fallen into the trap of facebook topics many times and the trouble is...I need to stop and THINK. So, with that thought being brought up today...I hope someone reading this feels the same as I do about Facebook Land! Needing to Stop, THINK, and Listen more!

That's all I wish to write on this day - October 26th

Signed: THINK like a woman on a mission





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