Listening to a New Book

Doesn't that sound weird?! Heard any good books lately? Yeah, I bought the audible book from Mike Rowe. How do I like it? Well, so far it's not my "cup of tea". Waiting to be inspired! Haha! But maybe my mind will change when I get more into "this book", listening to Mike tell his stories.


He's not a Paul Harvey, but not too bad of a reading voice. Well, he proved that on TV and he sure has the gift to gab. He proved that too by winning an audition that started it all, an 8 minute sales pitch of a #2 pencil. Gosh! The guy has what it takes and he also has a cute dog by the name of Freddie. I hear his parents are nice too. So I will keep you posted on this popular TV guy turned author, Mike Rowe, with his book "The Way I Heard It".

That's all I wish to write on this day, October 27th.

Signed:  Not My Cup of Tea

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