A Family is Important to a Cat Too

Family is important. Not only have I found this to be true in my life, but also, in lives of animals too, especially cats.

Not long ago there were three black kittens found with their black momma and needed help. The momma was very sick and didn’t make it so now the kittens were all alone. A caring family found the momma and kittens and came to their rescue. The momma cat had to be euthanatized and then the kittens needed a foster. PUPS was fortunate enough to find a foster for all three kittens. Foster Jeannie says that they are now eating on their own and have the best personalities. She hopes that at least one of the kittens will be adopted into the home of their original rescuer. They play, eat, and sleep together. Kitties loves the "togetherness" of their siblings. 

One of the kitties would make an ideal office buddy as picture shows it "guarding" the desk. So adorable! One is just as cute as the others.

Even if the kitties are not adopted into one home together, they will still experience the love of a family as right now they have a foster family filled with care and love. Thanks, Jeannie!

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