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What We Need Here is Some In-Your-Face Promotion

sueellenblackkittiesRemembering a movie line, “what we have here is a failure to communicate”. Certainly that’s what society is dealing with regarding some people who fail to neuter/spay their pets. What’s their excuse? Some are: “We don’t have the money, it’s cruel, my pet never leaves my property”, and the list goes on and on. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Help us promote to bring awareness to educate the public and offer a free or low-cost neuter/spay days or clinics. We need neuter/spay days now in many zip codes in our Central Ohio area. We express the concern and offer awareness about what is needed to accomplish such a project in one grant proposal after another. We hope the plea is answered soon.

As Director of P.U.P.S., I talk to many people about our neuter/spay program. When having coffee one morning with my sister, one of the owners of the coffee shop said, “there’s something about the thought of neutering my cat…it’s like taking away his macho-ness” (if that’s such a word). What? You are kidding, right? I really believe the guy was serious!! Until all our society understands the importance of neutering/spaying, there will be continued homeless or sheltered animals and many will die because of the failure to neuter or spay.

Please act now and get your pet neutered or spayed. It’s your responsibility as a pet owner. Check local resources to find the best organization to go to for affordable surgeries. Do not take this task lightly. In addition, if you have a pet and a veterinarian says the female is incapable of becoming pregnant, get a second opinion. One lady told me that’s what her veterinarian told her about her dog. Guess what? Her dog gave birth to six puppies!! This lady was fortunate that she could find homes for all the puppies. However, too many times, this goes in the other direction and often the reason why hundreds of dogs and cats wind up in a shelter.

With grant funding, P.U.P.S. plan is to begin an intensive “in-your-face” awareness campaign for neutering/spaying. No, it won’t have all those depressing pictures of animals, but it will have real statistics and what’s needed to get the job done. It begins with awareness. February 26th is “World Spay Day”. Are your pets neutered and/or spayed? Do you know of a cat colony that needs assistance?

We are hoping that the weather cooperates so our “awareness days” at the Kroger Store, Derr Road, can take place soon.

If your group or organization needs an event speaker, please consider me, Carolyn Hayes, P.U.P.S. Director. Contact information link is on this site. I’d be happy to talk to your group or organization about how important our (and other organizations’) neuter/spay program is to communities throughout our country.


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