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Thankful to Many for PUPS’ First Year

Look what PUPS’ resources provided in its first year:

  • Name change/purpose approved from IRS & State in July 2010
  • Website/blog created in December 2010
  • School Club launched in May 2011
  • Published first edition of “PUPS Digest” in September 2011
  • Dog food given to 50 families at Daily Bread Food Pantries
  • Provided dog food for a local dog rescue
  • Provided neuter/spay funds for 80 feral cats
  • Provided food for over 200 shelter and feral cats
  • Rescued and adopted 4 dogs (assisted in finding homes for 4 others)

Baxter, PUPS’ Poster Pooch

PUPS is thankful for the availability of resources and assistance of other nonprofits and people’s generous donations in order to do what we do on a daily basis.Thanks for the encouraging words from so many! It’s been an incredible year!!

As we give thanks, remember pets are always uniting people in everyday life. In this season of giving, please be generous in donating to Pets Uniting People Society (PUPS) so we can help more people and pets.

We are definitely counting our blessings and are thankful for what God has done!

*Combined neuter/spays from our new members and the newly organized neuter/spay program.

PUPS found Chloe a Home


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