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It’s a Pets Uniting People Society

It’s been over 1,460 days since the networking of Pets Uniting People Society (P.U.P.S.) began. Officially, the P.U.P.S. experience started in February 2010 when the nonprofit Christian organization of “Family Journal” became “Pets Uniting People Society”.

Now-a-days P.U.P.S. is a network of the P.U.P.S. experiences…pets indeed uniting people together and it’s illustrated in all our daily lives. Just look at the many lives of people and animals all over the country (and world) that are changing for the good because of this networking…

Pets Uniting People Society networks with many organizations whose missions are for the good of animals and the people who love them.

For more information about networking, contact Pets Uniting People Society on this site or write to: P.U.P.S., Box 49, Tremont City, OH 45372. Someone will connect with you right away. With your help, this animal welfare network will grow on a daily basis.

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Nationally: Doris Day, at 90 years young, networks nonstop and physically cares for her own rescues daily. It’s a life dedicated to the betterment of lives of animals and the people who love them!

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Locally: Networking in the schools bringing awareness of proper care of pets


Through adoption: Dottie Smiddy, Dot’s Connection, makes a daily commitment to animal welfare and has saved many through a network of caring and compassion



Heading On Down the Road

P.U.P.S. is continuing down the road for the welfare of animals. Recently, we were notified of receiving a small assistance grant from The Ohio Pet Fund. We are very appreciative of any help received from either a foundation or individuals. We have only begun to travel the road that offers help to people and pets in need.

Look for our next educational edition of “PUPS Digest” this summer! The Digest is published quarterly to keep the general public informed on our progress in regards to “education, awareness, and responsibility in animal welfare”.

Have you ordered your copy?

Keep on, keeping on…on behalf of the Board of Trustees, Pets Uniting People Society (P.U.P.S.)…Carolyn Hayes, Director