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Sweet Susie Memorial

Remember this sweet little girl? She was found in the trailer of a semi truck all alone. Left by her mother and rescued. A very kind hearted person offered to foster her and bottle feed her for me. She became sick and very quickly failing and passed in transport on the way to the vets. Whatever took her so fast has infected one other little foster and her own 3 cats within days. Her cats were UTD on all their vaccines and very healthy. Her vet bills have now surpassed $1000 and she lost her 9 year old cat today. She is just devasted and her other two cats are struggling and will need more vet care. She was not in a position for all these expenses and was kind hearted enough to help a little rescue. I am asking for donations on her behalf to help with these expenses during this very difficult time and for prayers for her other 2 cats, who are her babies. Please donate through P.U.P.S. Memo : Calico and we will make sure your donation goes towards these expenses.Donations can be made on the Pets Uniting People website or mailed to PUPS, P.O. Box49, Tremont City, OH 45372 or donate button on this site, mark: Memorial for Sweet Susie or Calico Kitten.



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