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PUPS Going Through Some Positive Growing-Pains

Just met with two super exciting young women, Alyce Comer and Stacey Picolo, who have given me a “jump-start” in getting  motivated about many things in life. One thing in particular is “Pets Uniting People Society” or PUPS. Stacey is a newly elected board member for PUPS. With her short time being involved, “things” are beginning to “MOVE”! Both of these gals “live the life” of fitness and their vim and vigor shows in their everyday life!

Stay tuned for new posts to this Blog as life needs to be lived with a passion! What did I learn today about me after having breakfast with Stacey and Alyce? That I love oatmeal with cranberries and pecans! It was delicious! And I didn’t even add any brown sugar!!!

Check your watch, is it time to take your dog for a walk? What a great companion to have to keep your exercise in check!


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