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Please Make Your PUPS Pledge

Have you thought about making a PUPS’ pledge? PUPS’ goal is to help low-income families keep their pet in the home when a pet medical emergency strikes.

In addition, your donation will assist in publishing a very important publication, “PUPS Digest”. It will be a quarterly guide offering valuable information to every pet parent. It will be available free (but we’d appreciate a donation for every copy, if possible) to the general public at various type businesses, i.e. Veterinary clinics, restaurants, car washes, doctor/dentist offices.

PUPS need your assistance to make things happen! Will you help? PUPS is a nonprofit pet protection organization and your donation is tax-deductible.

Send your donation regular mail to:

PUPS Donation
Post Office Box 49
Tremont City, OH 45372

or donate securely online with the link below.


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