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Touchless Love

By Mitch Aultman We don’t trap-neuter-release (TNR) these cats that need us without knowing that one day the day we dread to face will be realized. We know that each day we spend with these mesmerizing creatures could, at any time, be the last. We always hope it will never happen, but we know that […]

It’s a Pets Uniting People Society

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4th Annual Autumn Leaves a Success!

Everyone had a good time on Saturday, September 26th at the beautiful Springfield Country Club. There’s no more glorious setting than the Springfield Country Club. We found the food selection this year was excellent, the staff courteous and helpful and all attendees seemed to enjoy themselves! Great reviews from everyone! Pictures speak volumes! Enjoy!   […]

Little by Little – Making a Difference in our Community

Little by little – many little ones are getting another chance at life – thanks to Dave and Dottie Smiddy, P.U.P.S. Board Members. All of us at Pets Uniting People Society are delighted to be able to help in some way to the welfare of these kittens. As the stories go, these babies had traumatic […]

Another Event Has Come and Gone

After many emails, phone calls, and meetings, another event has come and gone. Poof! All over and ready to meet the challenges for the next one. That’s what nonprofits do over and over again. Not only is it a challenge that an organization must fill to the best of its ability, but also an ongoing […]