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What Difference Does it Make?

sueellenblackkittiesWhat difference does it make? It makes a huge difference on how many animals and people Pets Uniting People Society can help during the year in grants and fundraising efforts. We need people’s prayers for what some people consider the “small stuff” as compared to what’s going on in our world. Although this may be true, we here at Pets Uniting People Society have our own jobs in our own organization’s mission, to help as many people and free-roaming cats as possible. In addition, we sometimes help dogs, but usually just cats because our local animal control helps more with the dogs and cannot assist much with our community’s cats overpopulationcat kitten flowers litter.

Our county of over 100,000 people has a population of over 5,000 feral cats based upon our people population. And, this number is much higher with free-roaming/loosely-owned cats that people may feed once-in-awhile, but by no means do they offer cats veterinarian care or get them neutered or spayed. That’s why they are called “community cats” (as illustrated in the one graphic provided by an Indiana cat group)…it takes all of us to care for them. community catsWe need more people to step up to take responsibility of community cats. Cats that are loosely-owned fend for themselves, just like their feral counterparts. Our society can make a difference and take on the responsibility where many citizens fall short. God mandates (Genesis 1:28; Proverbs 12:10) us to be good stewards of what we are given on this earth…let’s start now to be good stewards. The kittens in these pictures are being taken care of and have received forever homes. They are the fortunate ones. However, there are many out there in neighborhoods and in city and county fields that need our help. Please…let’s continue to make a difference for so many that need it.

To offer a donation or for more information about how to help in our cat overpopulation, contact Pets Uniting People Society, Box 49, Tremont City, OH  45372. Or go to our donate link on this website to offer a secure online contribution. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Would you help us? This September 20th, Pets Uniting People Society will be hosting its 3rd Annual “Autumn Leaves” Brunch/Auction. We hope you will be able to attend this fundraiser on Saturday, September 20, 2014, Springfield Country Club. More details about this event are coming up as the date draws near, check back often.


Kittens Needing Homes, So Adorable

Yes, unfortunately, it’s kitten season. They seem to come out from everywhere. Please check with Dottie (937) 244-0852 for any available kittens.

Here are a few pictures of some.

cat kitten litter may black kitties

These little babies are just a few weeks old. They need to be 8 weeks old before adoption.

cat kittens older may

These little ones are ready for homes and a few have already been adopted.


Kitten Season Presents Message of “Send Me No Flowers”

As Director of PUPS, oftentimes, I think we could write a book about all the happenings that goes on within our organization, especially stories told by Dottie Smiddy, our volunteer foster care director. Every spring, she receives phone call after phone call about kittens in distress that are without their momma cat. She takes on what she feels she can handle, which, believe me, is quite a few!

Flowers (black and white) and Miss Whiskers (tiger)

Although her latest contact was from a lady who had two stray momma cats that she rescued along with sixteen other homeless cats from a neighborhood that was demolished in order to build our new hospital. She found homes for the others. She named one momma cat Flowers and the other Ms. Whiskers. Flowers had six kittens and Ms. Whiskers had five. She liked them well enough to keep, but she couldn’t care and keep their kittens…this is when Dottie enters the scene. Did I say a book? It’s more like a remake of the Doris Day film, “Send Me No Flowers!”

cat kitten flowers litter

Momma Flowers Litter

In the midst of kitten season, the message was staged: “Send Me No Flowers!” No one would help. No one! No one, but Dottie. Dottie came to the rescue, again! She agreed to take them all until the kittens were well enough and old enough to be adopted. Then, Momma Flowers and Momma Whiskers would be spayed…this is when the Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF) enters the picture. There was an important role for everyone. The Doris Day Animal Foundation was the producer that helped with the funding, P.U.P.S. directed the scenes played over and over again, and Dottie, the casting director, was the one who affectionately named and cared for the kittens.

cat kitten rosebud

Lil Rosebud, only one that didn’t make it

During the convalescent time, Dottie found that Flowers’ little garden needed the most attention. While caring for the kittens she gave them these names: Sweet William, Chrysanthemum (Chrys), Poppy, Laurel, Lark, and Rosebud. Even with the wonderful, round-the-clock care that Dottie gave, little Rosebud didn’t make it. Flowers rejected her right from the start…usually momma cats know when something isn’t right. Dottie (bless her heart) said, “If Rosebud makes it, I’m going to rename her Blossom”. Well, folks, this is when I lost it and broke down in tears (In private, I am sure Dottie does this many times, but, with me, she always plays the strong one. She knows how weak and emotional I am.)

So thank you, Doris Day Animal Foundation for this new and important production of “Send Me No Flowers”! P.U.P.S. is dedicating many pages in their organization’s scrapbook with titles of movies that Doris Day starred in, i.e. “Pillow Talk” – kittens in slumber and play; “The Thrill of It All” – neuter/spaying free-roaming cats in two zip code areas of Clark County, Ohio; “With Six You Get Egg roll” – a blended family of pets; “It’s a Great Feeling” – helping hundreds of free-roaming cats in the small community of Clark County, OH…thanks to the generosity of The Doris Day Animal Foundation! Pictures are worth a thousand words and we will have plenty of pictures to support these themes.

Please visit this site from time-to-time to see the development of our presentation scrapbook. Thanks to everyone who plays a role in the continuous production of “Pets Uniting People Society” (P.U.P.S.).


Shabby Chic Raffle for the Month of May

cat shabby chicRaffle for May is over.  Raffle was for a shabby-chic 2-piece wall décor, beautiful planter, and gift certificate for Bonnie’s Garden Center.

Raffle winner: John Ormsbee, Navistar, Dept. 59, Springfield, Ohio.

Congratulations! And, thanks for everyone’s participation. Proceeds total: $202


Gaining Momentum on Neuter/Spay Goal for 2014

Ohio Pet Fund LogoPets Uniting People Society (P.U.P.S.) is gaining on obtaining the goal of neuter/spaying 300 or more cats in 2014.

News was received about another grant for our neuter/spay program. We thank The Ohio Pet Fund for their continued support.

NOTE:This grant stipulates assisting low-income recipients according to the guidelines set up by The Ohio Pet Fund.


Doris Day Animal Foundation to the Rescue Again for P.U.P.S.

doris day people mag picIt was big news that Doris Day just had a birthday.

Although it doesn’t always make the news about some of the smaller pet protection organizations like Pets Uniting People Society (P.U.P.S.) that her Doris Day Animal Foundation helps. We certainly appreciate that help. The P.U.P.S. Board would like to give a big shout out to Doris and her Doris Day Animal Foundation for their nonstop work in helping animals along with the people who love them. It is appreciated!

Doris, we hope your birthday celebration was the best one ever!

Signed: Pets Uniting People Society, Board of Trustees

Dave (Dottie) Smiddy
Rosemarie Benning
Stacey Picolo
Susan Pike
Judy Benning
Carolyn Hayes


These Kittens are Adopted, Check about Others

UPDATE: These kittens have been adopted. Check with Dottie for any new kittens.

These kittens are being nursed by their mommas in PUPS’ foster care. If you are interested in one, please contact P.U.P.S. foster, Dottie. The mommas will be spayed after the kittens are weaned. These kitties were found at an abandoned location across from the new regional hospital in Springfield, OH. We are hoping the mommas can be adopted too. (More pictures to be posted)

There are 10 kittens and all are so adorable.

Dottie said it was difficult getting pictures as they run, jump, and play when she’s trying to capture some pictures.

If interested in one, please message through our website or call or text Dottie at (937) 244-0852.

cats kittens adoption 1cats kittens adoption 2


Sammy’s Adopted

dog sammy1

Sammy is crate-trained and loves to take a nap in his crate.

dog sammy2

Sammy is now adopted. There were many inquiries about him.

Glad he now has a forever home. Also, he has a fenced-in yard too, which was mandatory for this energy-plus, little guy!











Whew! February 2014 – Busy Month for PUPS

cat neuter spay month springfield high schoolPets Uniting People Society (PUPS) was busy during the month of February promoting World Spay Day (Month) with other pet protection organizations on behalf of the event originated by The Humane Society of United States.

PUPS’ offered information to our local high school, Springfield High School, for the students. Valerie Harrington, High School Advisor, sent a picture of some of the students who helped us promote this event.

When PUPS was at Petsmart on World Spay Day, Tuesday, February 25th, Miley and her parent stopped by to show their support.cat neuter spay day miley

On Wednesday, February 26th, PUPS was downtown Springfield promoting awareness of World Spay Day at United Senior Services.

Winding up the activities for the month, PUPS held the drawing of their February World Spay Basket Raffle at Panera Bread, Friday, February 28th, 6pm. Doris Fulton was the winner of the basket.

cat neuter spay at elderly united ladies

Two ladies who are members of United Senior Services stopped by PUPS’ information table and purchased raffle tickets for our February Neuter/Spay Raffle Basket.



Stay tuned to this blog for our activities for Mother’s Day…beginning in April.


PUPS February Neuter Spay Basket Winner

cat neuter spay basket with kitten cardPets Uniting People Society (PUPS) February Neuter/Spay Raffle Basket Winner is Doris Fulton! Congratulations, Doris!

Kathy King, Marie’s Candies, was available at Panera Bread, Friday, February 28th, 6pm, to draw the winner. We thank Kathy for helping us out! And, most of all, we thank the raffle ticket buyers and sponsors for the items in the basket. We appreciate you!

Our next raffle will be in April for Mother’s Day. Stay tune for the details!