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Giving Every Animal a Chance

A Woman on a Mission: Giving Every Animal a Chance The Story of Dottie Smiddy and Rescue Kitties, “Sunny” and “Lazarus” By Charidy Murphy If one is fortunate enough to have an opportunity to speak with Dottie Smiddy, they immediately learn she is one busy lady. They also recognize, very quickly, that stray and feral […]

It’s that time of the year again! P.U.P.S. Annual Christmas Raffle

The first ticket drawn will be for the “Cheers for the Holiday Basket” valued at $275 and the second ticket will be for the “Dog Christmas Stocking”, an $80.00 value. Purchase tickets in-person from Dottie Smiddy, Julie Maes, Stacey Picolo, or Carolyn Hayes…tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. However, online the purchase of […]

Thankful Reflections

From the Desk of Carolyn Hayes, the Founder/Director: As we come closer to the end of 2018, I thank God for all He has given us. With the blessings, even hardships we’ve faced, we came through (as did the pets) the way the Lord intended. As of this writing, end of October, this year has […]

Celebrating The Stars! Pets the P.U.P.S. Group Helped

This Fundraiser “Autumn Leaves” closes out with a record number of attendees and raised money to help some more animals and the people who love them! We are thankful! Pets Uniting People Society is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Here are some pictorial highlights…   There were over 45 baskets/items combined in: regular auction, silent auction […]

Wow! And There Will Be More…

Wow! These are just some of the items up for Auction for “Autumn Leaves” auction/breakfast coming up Saturday, September 15th… There will be items of all different price ranges and a wonderful variety.  Have questions, just email: pupsdigest@gmail.com Coomi Italian Jewelry (pictured) 2-Day Getaway to Ashford Acres Inn, Cynthiana, KY (pictured) 2 Tickets to the […]

Italian Designer COOMI Jewelry

These exquisitely designed jewelry pieces from Italian Designer COOMI, Donated by Saks Fifth Avenue Italian Designer COOMI – Black Sapphire / Sterling Ring Donated by Saks Fifth Avenue COOMI – Black Sapphire Earrings / Donated by Saks Fifth Avenue These were from the 2017 Autumn Leaves Auction. Purchase Your Autumn Leaves Breakfast/Auction Tickets Here on […]

Autumn Leaves Tickets

Online Sales Closed Out – Early Tuesday morning. Already Purchased Ticket(s) Available at Door or from Board Members, ie Judy Benning, Stacey Picolo; Dave (Dottie) Smiddy; Susan Pike; Carolyn Hayes  

Help a Pets Uniting People Society Program

2017:   283 neuters/spays 140 kitten adoptions Pets Uniting People Society is totally dependent upon donations and grants to keep its programs running without interruption throughout the year. Will you consider helping us with a donation? Click upon our donation link on our main page for a secure and safe transaction.  

Mya…An Abuse Case Receives Another Chance

Mya, an English Bulldog, received a second chance on life thanks to many caring people. One caring person, a board member of Pets Uniting People Society,  got wind of Mya’s case and wanted to help. So, our group, along with many others, stepped up to help this sweet dog receive a wonderful life after, no […]

In 2017 Coomi, Sold Through Saks Fifth Avenue, Helps P.U.P.S.

Our Pets Uniting People Society has been very fortunate to have a wonderful jewelry donation from the Italian Jewelry Designer, Coomi, sold through Saks Fifth Avenue. Their value was over $750.  Successful bidder was Steve Stewart of Springfield. We are very excited to have such a prestigious jewelry designer (through Saks Fifth Avenue) wanting to […]


It’s a biblical name and quite fitting for this little black kitty found by a good Samaritan frozen to the ground with neck injuries, bitten by another animal. He was clinically dead. When the man rescued him…he was told to contact a board member from Pets Uniting People Society, Dottie. Dottie became this kitty’s foster […]

A Save By Dot’s Connection (Graphic Photo)

Dot’s Connection (Dottie Smiddy) has saved so many kittens/cats…actually, it’s hundreds! She tells others how it’s not easy letting go of fostered kittens/cats, but one has to look beyond their own feelings and do what’s best for the pet. Give it a chance for a life, ie a life with love, the financial means to […]

High Hopes for the New Year

We have high hopes for 2018! Our Pets Uniting People Society (P.U.P.S.) group tries to be innovative in our fundraising efforts, but, as any 501c3 nonprofit organization, we need a little help along the way. To fulfill the mission that we have set out to accomplish, we need fundraising assists, ie grants or fundraisers to […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Raffle Basket Winners:  Terry Muscato and Lee Siegfield. Congratulations! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From all of us at Pets Uniting People Society:  Susan (Andy) Pike; Dave (Dottie) Smiddy; Judy Benning; Stacey Picolo; and Carolyn Hayes.

Curtain Closes on Another Autumn Leaves

Our Autumn Leaves theme for this year was Hollywood Legends and Their Pets. It was a grand and glorious fundraiser on Saturday, September 23, Springfield Country Club thanks to so many wonderful local people and especially to some really important people in Hollywood, like: Doris Day, Bob Barker, and Kirk and Anne Douglas…our tribute was to them! Doris Day […]

It’s Summertime and the Funding is Lean

    It’s summertime and the funding is lean! Yeah, it’s like this every summer, after a hard-hitting spring season, Pets Uniting People Society is low with funding and cannot help as many people and pets. Grants are few and far between and the ones we do receive we try to stretch the dollars as far as they […]