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P.U.P.S. Emphasizes Education, Awareness, and Responsibility


Bridget and Crissy, Springfield Animal Care Center, prepping a cat for spay surgery for PUPS organization

Pets Uniting People Society emphasizes the importance of responsibility of pet ownership. It has from the very beginning. It’s difficult to believe some people have never heard to neuter/spay! Yes, that’s correct! We want to change that.We have help from many organizations that feel the same as we do. Please stand with us as we offer some in-your-face promotion about “education, awareness and responsibility in animal welfare”. Promote, promote until more animals are neutered/spayed.


Dottie’s samples of what she gives to new adoptive families


Dottie kissing Timothy good-bye as he leaves to his new home

Please follow along with the steps in being a responsible pet owner and pass the information on to as many who will listen and want to learn how to make a lifetime commitment to an animal. Number one step is to neuter or spay a pet when age-appropriate to do so. Next, make sure the animal is up-to-date on shots and vaccines, especially if pet is around other animals.


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