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P.U.P.S. Comes to Rescue, But is Not a Rescue


Here’s Ling. She and her siblings had ringworm when found. Dottie nursed them back to health

Oftentimes, Dottie, wife of P.U.P.S. Board member Dave, comes to the rescue of kittens, but is not a rescue! Dottie vows it’s all about networking. She agrees with the philosophy of Pets Uniting People Society with stressing education, awareness, and responsibility. No one emphasizes this more than Dottie. She does what she can for extreme emergency cases only. She is not a rescue, per se, and let’s everyone know that. If one can, she feels animal advocates should do their own “rescuing and fostering” as she does. She offers tips to anyone who asks and is willing to help promote any cat or kitten that needs adopting. She utilizes social media the most or just word of mouth to get the little charges into a nice, adopted home. It’s been no easy task as she had three from one litter that was found along the roadside that had ringworm, plus other problems. They needed a veterinarian-prescribed dip every five days until they were healed (more than 11 weeks). This went on from five days of age until they were adopted.

ling healed

Ling became a beautiful kitten thanks to Dottie. She is adopted and now lives in Marysville, OH.

Dottie’s family is concerned that she takes on too much, but I think Dottie knows when to say “when” and I think she has said “no” many times.  Dottie receives help from her family, especially her husband, and a P.U.P.S. volunteer Suellen who has been so good to help her in the daily tasks. Here’s an added comment from Dottie: “It’s really hard. You get so attached to them especially the babies that you bottle feed and they think I am their mother or the ones with extra needs.”Ling playingThanks Dottie, Dave, and Suellen for all you do!


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