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P.U.P.S. Board Members Show Compassion

Dave and Dottie Smiddy have been animal advocates for a long time. The Smiddys have fostered and adopted kittens that have come across their paths for whatever reason and they want to share their experience with others.

PUPS Board Member Dave Smiddy with Northside Vet Clinic Tech on PUPS’ Neuter/Spay Days

Pets Uniting People Society aids with some of the expense, ie neuters, spays, and rabies shots and the rest she and her husband pay for out of their own pockets. They are the most compassionate people we know. Countless kittens and cats have been adopted due to Dottie’s patience and excellence with photography and describing each animal.

Dottie with Daughter Stacey (PUPS Board Member) at PUPS Neuter/Spay Days

In an issue of “PUPS Digest” one page sported Smiddy’s adoptions; however, the entire 16-page publication could justify her stories of adoptions, not to mention her, other board members, and volunteers’ care of colony cats throughout the Clark County area. They are very thorough and consistent in helping various colonies live healthy and long lives in their natural, outdoor environments, making sure they are comfortable with housing even during the winter months.

What she and others do is commendable, but Dottie feels others should do what they can to help in placing kittens/cats into forever homes. Since Pets Uniting People Society (PUPS) is not a rescue per se, she feels education and awareness is needed in the rescue process. The responsibility of rescuing and adoptions should fall on all members of our community, not just a select few.


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