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No Fault of Their Own

Compassionate neighbor is now feeding them.

These three cats (two grey are about a year old and the tiger is no more than two years old) that were used to living inside a home became homeless recently due to their owner deciding she didn’t want them anymore. She moved away and gave them to the daughter who moved into her condo. Then when the daughter moved in, she booted the cats out because she says her toddler is allergic to them. Instead of taking the responsibility of finding these cats a home (inside or outside); the women wiped their hands of the responsibility. This is why it is so important to teach children that once they acquire a pet, if they cannot keep it for some reason; they are responsible for finding the pet or pets a home and not put the task onto others.

One of the grey cats, approximately a year old. Friendly and just needs love. Each one will be fixed and a rabies shot before adoption

Now a neighbor has shown compassion for the homeless cats and feeds them, but they cannot stay in this environment because it is a condo complex and they do not allow any outside animals.

P.U.P.S. was notified by the son of the neighbor of these people. With P.U.P.S.’ assistance, the neighbor and her son are helping to find these cats homes. The neighbor already has two inside cats of her own and cannot take the responsibility of more. Will you help us find these cats a home? They do not have to stay together. If they are not already altered, P.U.P.S. will have them neutered or spayed and have rabies shots administered. Please share these babies to everyone to get the word out about finding each one a nice home. They deserve it! Thanks!

Pretty tiger cat, approximately 2 years old. Young and friendly. All these cats used to be inside cats. Owner abandoned them.

This grey is so unique. Has no tail. Little skittish, but needs to establish trust again. Nice cat.


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