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Match Made From Heaven

Jezzie and her girlPictures are worth a thousand words. Is this a match made from Heaven?

Karen Swartz passed away and left her thirteen cherished cats homeless. We can rehash all the reasons why Karen should have thought about where these kitties would go when she passed, but am thinking her death was an unexpected one.

This story is bittersweet. This is one of Karen’s kitties and is now named Jezebel and lives in Washington C.H., OH. I know Karen would approve.

Jezzie in her new homeThe short story of Jezabel’s adoption will be in the next edition of PUPS Digest, our year-end issue. Don’t miss it. You can pick up PUPS Digest at Clark County Veterinarians’ offices, Clark County Library and branches, sponsors, and frequent-stop businesses. Or, if you are a PUPS’ member, you’ll receive it in the mail. Want to be a PUPS member? Only costs $15 per year. Buy membership now and renewal is not due until February 2015. Renewal month is February each year. On this site, click onto our Membership link to find out how to become a PUPS Member.



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