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Let’s Go Krogering

Let’s Go Krogering for “Pets Uniting People Society”…

If you have a Kroger Plus Card and live in the Cincinnati/Dayton area, you can help “Pets Uniting People Society” gain support with their “education, awareness, and responsibility in animal welfare” program by adding our 501c3 nonprofit Kroger NPO which is 82712. If you don’t have a Kroger Plus Card, you can sign up for one at this site too.

Here’s how you do it…so, so simple:

Visit the Kroger Co. website offered here and click onto the Cincinnati store area. Register your Kroger Plus card and add our organization number 82712. That’s it! You only need to sign up once per year. If you have any questions, let me know…info@pupsunite.org.

By signing up to help “Pets Uniting People Society” (P.U.P.S.), you able us to help more people and pets, it’s just that simple. You help all three committees of P.U.P.S.:

1. Education Committee

2. Trap-Neuter-Release for Cat Colonies and a low-cost Neuter/Spay program for both dogs and cats in our community

3. Cat Shelter for cats that have not been adopted

Everyone goes to grocery – And this method doesn’t cost you a dime! Great way to help us! Only takes a few minutes to sign up and it’s good for one year. Go to the link below and sign-up, our Kroger NPO is 82712. That’s all you need!

Go to:


Click onto: Community Rewards Link…and follow the steps.

If you have already applied with your Kroger Plus Card, you will need to reapply in April, 2013, only registering once per year.


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