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The greatest gift you will receive is knowing that you’ve made a difference in an animal’s life.

But, you’ll also receive,  a membership card, and a 2021 subscription to On a Mission Magazine, PUPS official magazine


If you would like to make a one-time donation, please use the PayPal link below.

If you’d prefer to mail your membership or donation, send your check or money order payable to

Pets Uniting People Society (P.U.P.S.)
Box 49
Tremont City, OH 45372

We are a 501c3 nonprofit pet protection network that provides education and awareness through print and social media. Also, we offer, for those people who qualify, free or low-cost dog or cat neuter/spay.

Blessed Beyond Measure
We are so grateful to all who have given monetarily or with their prayers.

  • Susan and Andy Pike
  • American Queen Steamboat Company, New Albany, IN
  • Dr. and Mrs. Kumar (Collete) Mukerjee
  • Julie Maes
  • Spend-a-Day Marina, Indian Lake, Ohio
  • Willow Group, Ltd. - J.D. Walsh, New York
  • Christy McGregor
  • Cheryl’s Cookies, Columbus, Ohio
  • Armstrong Printing
  • IH Credit Union, Springfield, Ohio
  • Designs by Deb (Deb Woods)
  • VFW 1031, Springfield, Ohio
  • VFW 1031 Ladies Auxiliary
  • Ambience, Springfield, Ohio
  • Tom and Eileen Windon
  • Grace Smith
  • Patrick Hayes
  • Windy Knoll Golf, Springfield, Ohio
  • Woeber Mustard, Springfield, Ohio
  • Gail Weeks
  • Sheehan Brothers, Springfield, Ohio
  • Sue Whalen
  • L. Setty-Combs Kelly
  • Meijer, Springfield, Ohio
  • Frisch’s Restaurants, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Tim Lile and Staci Shaffer
  • Springfield Country Club Golf
  • Bonnie Pugliese
  • Lyn Hardman
  • Woodland Golf Course, Urbana, OhioOlive Garden
  • Reid Park Golf - A. Collins/J. Kincaid, Springfield, Ohio
  • Speedway, Enon, Ohio
  • Sandy Schinkle
  • Mike and Mary Manoloff
  • Jo Lynn R Anderson
  • Jeannette Sprouse
  • Terry Muscato
  • Suellen Kelly
  • Joyce Harper
  • Enon Veterinary Hospital, Enon, Ohio
  • Locust Hills Golf Course, Springfield, Ohio
  • Tanya Stewart – T & D Photography
  • Bed & Breakfast on Tiffany Hill, Mills River, NC
  • Brenda Priest
  • Ann Kallal
  • Joyce Morris
  • Melissa Tuttle
  • Becky Moyer
  • Bono Fido
  • Asanda Imports
  • Carol Thomas
  • Jim Matthews
  • Le Torte Dolci Bakery, Springfield, Ohio
  • The Dock Food & Spirits, Enon, Ohio
  • CALICO: Jodi Patton, Debra Smith, and Phyllis Monroe
  • Linda Landrus
  • Diane Porco
  • Ashley Harder
  • Ann Funk
  • Oats and Dough
  • H. Estates Farm / Mad Pumpkins