2018 PUPS Digest

8 2018 PupsUnite.org Most everyone’s heard the clichés, “raining cats and dogs” or “fighting like cats and dogs”…but then, here’s another one spoken of unlikely companions, different as night and day, just like…Bella, the dog, and Piper, the cat…sleeping together affectionately in peace and love with no cares in the world. It’s their heaven to be together. Oh, but, everyone wondered at the start how the first meet and greet might go. Bella looked at Piper as if to say, “are you here to stay?” Piper just gave Bella an admiring glance and after that…it’s been a love of an unlikely-kind ever since. Both Bella and Piper are Mom Karen’s four-legged kids now that her children are all grown and out on their own. Karen takes her role as these fur- kids’ mom seriously. She even includes them on vacations and trips, checking out the best pet-friendly places to stay. And, Bella and Piper love the attention and lavishly lap it up! Piper was an adoption from Dot’s Connection. It was Dottie (Dot) who socialized Piper with her dog and other cats. This is so important in fostering. Dottie knows the needs of kittens and makes sure the home selection process is a smooth one. It is most important that the family and the environment are the most ideally suitable for the kitten. It’s always difficult for Dot- tie to cut the connection cord with each kitten, but it makes it all worthwhile when she sees the abundance of love her kittens receive in a forever home, one like Piper got! We thank Karen, her husband, Bella and Piper for our cover picture. And, all of us at Pets Uniting People Society wish their family peace and love, especially their fur-kids, companions of an unlikely kind, Bella and Piper. Unlikely Companions