2018 PUPS Digest

6 2018 PupsUnite.org Tales of the Tails Sisters These three little rescues were quite unusual kittens. One has a full tail (Maxi), one has a half tail (Midi) and one has no tail (Mini). Each are white with a few black spots here and there but each tail and the no tail is marked with a black circle on the back end. Cutest little girl kittens and ready for their new homes. A Not So Special Delivery from Canada…But Survived! I received a call from a TNR group from Piqua asking if I would take a litter of kittens that were found on an open bed log truck that traveled from Canada to Sidney, Oh. I met her halfway and picked up these three little orphans. Because they were from Canada and to relate them to where they came from, I named them Victoria, Regina and Markham. Sweet and healthy little ones that survived the cold and rough ride for eight hours under stacked logs. After weaning them, spay/ neutering and vaccines, two were adopted right away and one stayed with me a little longer. Of course, with no littermates, she attached herself to me and I to her. Sweet and lovable Victoria. She was just recently adopted and it was very difficult for me to let her go. After many nights of feedings and days of love and caring for them, I do get attached to each one of them and must remind myself that each deserve their own home and that more are out there needing me (or other foster providers) to survive and to care for them and find them that forever home.