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2017:   283 neuters/spays

140 kitten adoptions

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Mya…An Abuse Case Receives Another Chance

Mya, an English Bulldog, received a second chance on life thanks to many caring people. One caring person, a board member of Pets Uniting People Society,  got wind of Mya’s case and wanted to help. So, our group, along with many others, stepped up to help this sweet dog receive a wonderful life after, no doubt, being in pain for a very long time long!

Pets Uniting People Society, a networking 501c3 nonprofit pet protection organization, wanted to help our local dog warden in this abuse case. Since these graphic photos, Mya now has been adopted and will be treated royally by her new owners.

It was much appreciated by Northside Veterinary Clinic for assisting in Mya’s immediate medical needs and a much-needed surgery.


In 2017 Coomi, Sold Through Saks Fifth Avenue, Helps P.U.P.S.

Our Pets Uniting People Society has been very fortunate to have a wonderful jewelry donation from the Italian Jewelry Designer, Coomi, sold through Saks Fifth Avenue.

Their value was over $750.  Successful bidder was Steve Stewart of Springfield.

We are very excited to have such a prestigious jewelry designer (through Saks Fifth Avenue) wanting to help our pet protection group.

Looking forward to our upcoming auction on Saturday, September 15 at Springfield Country Club.




It’s a biblical name and quite fitting for this little black kitty found by a good Samaritan frozen to the ground with neck injuries, bitten by another animal. He was clinically dead. When the man rescued him…he was told to contact a board member from Pets Uniting People Society, Dottie.

Dottie became this kitty’s foster and cared for him day-by-day, took him to the veterinarian and monitored his progress to everyone on facebook. As director of Pets Uniting People Society…seeing all that transpired…it is a definite miracle. I thought he’d be paralyzed.  Miracles do happen even these days, not just biblical times. When all on Dottie’s facebook asked his named…she didn’t have one yet. But it wasn’t long until by unanimous decision all of her followers thought it should be Lazarus.

Here is a latest message from Dottie about Lazarus:

“I am thankful and appreciative for all the comments and praise throughout little Lazarus’ recovery, but I had very little to do with it other than providing him a safe, warm place, nourishment, meds and care. His will to survive as all animals are born with and deserve… and with God’s power through prayer and Dr. Fent, he has come this far. I have no doubt now that he will make a full recovery. He is so alert this morning, was in a sitting position, ate his wet food, was grooming himself and left his little toy fish in his empty bowl for me. This brought tears of joy as most of the kittens and cats do this and I take it as a ‘thank you’ for my breakfast.”

Even though Dottie takes little credit for the survival of this little kitty…she knows how to handle them and give them what they so desperately need, LOVE!

Follow Lazarus’ progression on the Pets Uniting People Society facebook page. (Last I looked, he up and walking around just as normal as can be!)

Thanks, Dottie for taking in Lazarus so he could get better and now has an opportunity for adoption! (I hear someone’s already interested in him for a forever home!) Yay!

Lazarus was adopted by Dottie and Dave’s nephew in Memphis, TN.

Here is Lazarus Smiddy’s facebook page. Pay him a visit: Lazarus




A Save By Dot’s Connection (Graphic Photo)

Dot’s Connection (Dottie Smiddy) has saved so many kittens/cats…actually, it’s hundreds! She tells others how it’s not easy letting go of fostered kittens/cats, but one has to look beyond their own feelings and do what’s best for the pet. Give it a chance for a life, ie a life with love, the financial means to take care of it, and the attention the pet needs.

Particular difficult for Dottie was a recent foster of a kitten that had both eyes removed. She named him “Bugsy” because of the eyes bulging which is very graphic and our group doesn’t like to show photos such as this, but we want the public to know how abuse is happening out there. The sad part is the abusers aren’t always caught and when they are…most of the time it’s just a slap-on-the-wrist punishment.

Look for other stories from Dot’s Connection in our upcoming newsletter which is due out in 2 weeks.

Right before Bugsy’s (now named Simon) adoption. He was adopted into a home where the family has one older blind cat. Last heard it was a great match for both kitties! Yay!