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P.U.P.S. Note Card Collection by Maggie Ross

With a donation of $10 or more (if $10, shipping/handling will be added if cards are to be mailed) We thank Ann Kallal, http://www.maggierossdogs.com, for her artwork, Dottie Smiddy, and adoptees who furnished the photos. Thank you!

Check with us often to see updates!

card black and white kitten on quilt 2016

card sophie 2016

card black and white kitty on pillow 2016

cat cards ling face 2015


cat cards peaches and scotch 2015

Scotch and Peaches

cat cards rudy 2015



boojee ball card 2016

card calico 2016

cat cards casper sailor 2015


cat cards tabbies close ups 2015

Two Tabbies

cat cards tabbies three 2015

Tabbies Three

cat cards turquoise cover kitty 2015

Kitty on Blanket





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