Who is P.U.P.S. And What Do They Do?

As Director of P.U.P.S., many people have asked me what we are all about. Well I guess our byline says it best: "education, awareness and responsibility in animal welfare". We are not animal control; however, we are an organization who educates and assists the community about Trap-Neuter-Release for free-roaming / feral cats.

We do lots of things to bring awareness and responsibility to the general public so they can make a conscious effort to donate to our work or works of other nonprofit animal protection organizations.

Here are some free roaming / feral kittens that have gotten homes due to the care and compassion of P.U.P.S. Board Members: Dave and Dottie Smiddy and Stacey Picolo. Dave had contacted me not too long ago asking how he could become actively involved in P.U.P.S. and a short time later he became a Board Member. That's what it is all about, working together (uniting) for the betterment of the treatment of animals. All these kittens are 7 or 8 weeks old now and have new homes...thanks to the efforts and commitment of the Smiddys. The Smiddys have rescued and saved many animals because they have tender hearts and want the animals to have a chance at life. Since they have been board members of P.U.P.S., they have humanely trapped and taken over 200 feral cats to be neutered or spayed. They continue to offer assistance to cat colony caregivers in giving medicine to kittens that may have sore eyes or other treatable ailments. Not only are colony cats benefiting by their hard work, but also the caregivers.

Will you help us? Contact me via email:

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