Travel the Right Road for the New Year

In the first edition for 2020 of On a Mission Magazine, I wrote about daydreaming…traveling through the pages of the missions from the various writers, a brand new issue for a brand new decade! Wow! My prayer for this new year is that many people will see the need for this mission to continue through the pages of this “mission” magazine. Prayers and business advertisements are needed for the days ahead. I’d like to say a prayer for On a Mission Magazine and of this Blog…

Father in Heaven, 

We honor and praise You and are so grateful for all that You give us. We pray...

in this new year that You will continue to guide and keep us on course with your Word and direction. We need You, our comforting Guide, for the unknown days ahead and know that our trust in You give us courage, comfort, and love that’s needed in our lives.

Although we may bypass a thankful blessing at our breakfast or dinner table, your Word is embedded and locked in our hearts. Our path ahead has You in the lead. 

As we continue this mission endeavor, lead me, as the publisher, and other principals in this mission to people who will aid in the quest to continue on the days ahead...where to find the help that is needed…

We pray for the faithful readers and new readers who are and will be blessed by the stories that You place on each individual writer’s heart...and, we pray for the advertisers that are in each issue and that people will patronize them and let the advertisers know that they saw their advertisements in the publication...we pray for Myra, the designer, and Carol, the printer, and all who are involved in this magazine's process… Father, this is Your magazine and we continue to praise and...

Thank You for all the blessings you’ve given us and the ones we are praying for in the new days ahead.

In Your Son’s Precious Name we pray…


I am so thankful that I am able to write this entry for this Journal Blog. I enjoy writing about my daydreaming days. It was a radio program I listened to the other day that got me daydreaming again. It was Turning Point with David Jeremiah. He spoke about how the actor Anthony Hopkins prepared for an upcoming movie role. Hopkins would read over the script at least 200 times. In becoming so familiar with each actor’s part, he could improvise his role in an ideal way. That’s amazing! Jeremiah said if an actor can read over a movie script 200 times, would it be too much to ask each of us to read and reread a book in the Bible? He gave an example of the book of James. It takes 10 minutes to “travel” read the book of James. How would it impact a life if it was read and reread over 200 times?  

Now, as I’ve read and reread the pages of the current On a Mission edition to make sure all pages are in place and ready for print…I am now rereading, Route 66. Its author is my pastor, Pastor Brian Miller. I love the way he makes the reader feel like heading out on this nostalgic road and ties it into traveling and reading the pages of the 66 books in the Bible. 

After reading all of this, I pray that I do the following:

1) Read and reread a book in the Bible. As David Jeremiah suggested, I will read the Book of James 2) Keep reading the Bible’s 66 books as they are to be my compass and guide in life, seeking what God has in store for this brand new year; and, 3) continue to pray for On a Mission Magazine...

So…with a little daydreaming and a lot of real life prayer and Bible reading – let’s celebrate 2020 with God leading the way! That’s my travel plan and I'm sticking to it!



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