Relax When You Read

Printed magazine pages are the best way to relax and read. People still like to read them on the beach, on a retreat, and on the couch! It's the best way to relax with a drink in hand turning the pages and admiring the beautiful large pictures from a local business or one far away.

On a Mission Magazine is an inviting magazine with 40 pretty, glossy pages of topics of many interests. Patriotism is a regular subject in the magazine and one that many people flip to as soon as the magazine is in hand.

Where do you start from the beginning, middle or end? It's surprising how differently people read a magazine. I start in the middle - my eye is always attracted to pages 20 and 21. Take a look here at pages 20 and 21 from a past edition. "Of What Value is a Penny?" This is one of my favorites! However, it's a much better read when you hold it in your hand. 

Reading is a time that I don't want to be at a computer screen. Of course, I find myself at a computer screen a lot to proofread and to do research. However, that's work time. My wind down time is when I pick up a magazine and read at leisure. I feel like I am not alone.


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