Hi! My name is Carolyn Hayes and I'm the director of "Pets Uniting People Society" (P.U.P.S.). In a previous post, I wrote about what P.U.P.S. is all about. Now, I think everyone should know what I'm about. I come from a family of animal-lovers. I felt so strongly about saving animals and educating people about animals that I decided to start P.U.P.S. along with six other animal advocates.

We've been in existence only two years and have struggled due to the competitive nature of animal protection. There are many organizations out there that are doing what we do on a huge scale, but not in the immediate proximity of Clark County, Ohio. Our local animal control says it does not receive any county monies for cats so we thought we could help in our area by starting P.U.P.S. The competitiveness of grants is ongoing and even though we do not "house" hundreds of animals, we have come to the aid of hundreds of animals, many of those are free-roaming cats with low-income caregivers. It seems to be elderly women for some reason who cares for these cat colonies. Since we had the resources, we chose to help as many animals and people as possible. Now our resources are drying up and we need to renew our funding and sources to continue our work. A one-time small grant and a one-time delivery of cat/dog food will not suffice.

Through the work with P.U.P.S. I have become acquainted with many other animals advocates who serve in other types of businesses and share in helping the voiceless in one way or another. Animals cannot speak for themselves and that's why the more caring people there are the better. What is your line of business? Do you love animals and want to make a difference? Join with us, P.U.P.S.

Have you noticed the world news and how a dog named Lennox is making a difference in animal protection and awareness. Wow! Thousands of people taking a stand...that's what it takes to make a difference. Look at "One More Day" and how that movement made such a difference.

It can be done...don't remain silent, speak up and make a difference no matter what business you're in. Help us here on the P.U.P.S. network blog.

Contact me, Carolyn, today to take the initiative. Lord knows it will be worth it!