Global warming, global economy, everyone's talking around the world now via social media. Has your business or organization gone global? It's not just the business down on the corner anymore. Businesses are looking to downsize, simplify, and globalify...and pet protection organizations are included in this mix. However, with this new business method, comes more precautions. Who can one trust? Checking out credentials is always a good idea. Make new business relationships lasting's an exciting world out there! Bring it on!

P.U.P.S. is adding businesses to help in its mission endeavors from down the street to across America to across the ocean. Think about it. Businesses from across the miles may have the same interest and vision and wants to enter into this market area.

P.U.P.S. is happy to call its business affiliates partners in our network. Would your business be interested in joining us?

Contact P.U.P.S. and let's talk business.