It Is Not Just About Numbers

Message from Carolyn Hayes, P.U.P.S. Director

Our spay/neuter numbers were down from last year. We believe numbers were down due to the free-roaming kittens/cats that came into our care for whatever reason were ill or injured and needed medical attention. We can only use our grant funds for the neuter/spay surgeries. PUPS’ cats’ medical expense continues to rise. That’s why our group constantly fundraises to ensure that there are enough monies to carry us through from month to month, year to year.

Even though it appears most people are more caring these days about their pets than in years past, the fact remains that there are still many people who fail to see the importance and responsibility of neutering or spaying their animals. With all the resources that are available throughout the country, and especially in this area, there is no excuse for an animal not to be altered, unless one is a reputable breeder. Even with reputable breeders, there is a fine line as to when an animal should be altered. All across this country, one can find many registered breeds in rescues and shelters.

In order to keep up with the demand for pet neuter/spay surgeries of families and individuals in our community, we need to continue seeking grants and fundraise. However, we realize our community can only do so much with donations and assistance; that is why we hold to one big fundraiser a year which is our September event, “Autumn Leaves Auction/Breakfast”. The 2016 Spring Health Fling at the Clark County Fairgrounds did not prove successful enough for it to continue.

I’d like to ask each person reading this article to consider giving a donation at least one time per year to our cause. You might say, “Carolyn, it’s not that I don’t want to give, it’s our budget is too tight to squeeze another dollar out.” I understand completely, believe me. How about this? Do you shop at an area Kroger Store? Why not place our name or NPO 82712 into the Community Reward link of rewards? This way it doesn’t cost you anything, but just a few minutes of your time to sign up. Look over our Kroger Community Reward ad here on our site.

Even though it’s not about numbers, numbers still enter into nonprofit scenarios. We help so many families/individuals and animals each year. And, we want to continue to make a difference and the only way we can is by receiving every person’s willingness to help in some way. We hope we can count on you in the coming year! Visit our facebook page: Pets Uniting People Society or website: periodically to receive the latest P.U.P.S. news. I thank you on behalf of all the board of trustees of Pets Uniting People Society – P.U.P.S. - Susan Pike, Stacey Picolo, Judy Benning, and Dave (Dottie) Smiddy.

Here are our numbers for 2016:

221 Neuter / Spays

6 Small to Medium Dogs

140 Adoptions

Check out some of Dottie's kitties that are available for adoption on through this site as well.

Please take a peek at our 2017 Edition of "PUPS Digest" which can be read online through this site as well. Click onto picture of PUPS Digest on the side banner.

Thanks and visit this site often for updates.

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