Good News Just in Time for Christmas

For the new year 2021, we are starting off with a BANG! On a Mission Magazine and Pets Uniting People Society are coming together as one. On a Mission Magazine is changing its format to be the signature magazine of Pets Uniting People Society (PUPS) 

As with our life, we need to be well-rounded or should I say well-grounded. Our lives need Inspiration, Family/Work, Patriotism, and Pets! That encompasses our lives perfectly. The magazine will be divided into these sections and offer good and educational reads for everyone!

Since I need to focus on my work more, I want to do some reminscing about things of the "old school". So many memories coming to my mind about my growing up years. I used to "teach" school to my dog Duchess, just like the little girl in our feature picture. Oh, how I love reminscing about my pets growing up.

Pets Uniting People Society wants your pet stories too. Not only will the new magazine share family stories, but also feature educational articles about pets! 

It will remain a quarterly magazine.

The address is: Pets Uniting People Society's On a Mission Magazine, Box 49, Tremont City OH  45372.

Be looking for a new website coming soon!


Carolyn                                                                                                                                                                       Publisher On a Mission and Founder/Director of Pets Uniting People Society

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