Fate of My Father

by Warrick Barrett and Jonathan Green...

Book Review by Carolyn Hayes... 

When I read about the life of Ross Paige Barrett, I wished I could have met him. He lived an eventful life, one that was interesting despite some intense trauma and pain sprinkled throughout. However, from beginning to end, he faced life with dignity and honor. In addition, I want my review of this book to be noted with the old saying that his son Warrick is quite “the chip off the old block” with many similarities of his father. I completely understand why he felt compelled to write this book.

In each segment of his life, the authors blended together school days, romance, segregation, military-life, football, and teaching to make this a book one that was difficult to put down, never boring or monotonous. I loved the book’s beginning when Warrick told about his dad knowing how to make an entrance and made quite the unforgettable exit in life as well. 

“Like a true hero, my father waited until he was halfway to heaven to leave his body behind – what better way to depart this world than soaring high with the world beneath your feet? A black man who had dreamed of being a Tuskegee Airman, stepping out of this world into the next one halfway to the sky. By the look my father’s flight examiner had on his face, this must have been an experience that he would never forget.” 

What a man! What a life!

Did he face challenges? You bet! But those “tests” made Barrett even more determined to succeed in every endeavor. After his 20-year military career as an army officer, I am so glad he went into the field of education as he was the perfect role model for young people. 

“I want everyone to realize that sometimes, any person from humble beginnings can make a real difference and have an unbelievably amazing life, achieve dream after dream, and make the impossible possible. I have read somewhere that a truly extraordinary person is one who is indeed extraordinary while appearing to be quite ordinary. When you get up tomorrow and think about where your life is headed, I want you to remember one lesson: if you believe hard enough and you push hard enough, just about anything is possible.” 

–Dr. Warrick Barrett


F. W. Woolworth
Charlie Chaplin

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