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Today with all the hype with social media, I find some people my age (and even younger) choose not to jump onto the entertainment of the likes of facebook and twitter. With the writings I do, I need to be aboard this media trap and I see no way out! 

Like it or not, social media continues to amaze me with all the things I learn from it. Charlie Chaplin is one  example. Although his personal life may have been scandalous, he was a genius. Here are some highlights I found about him from social media and the Internet…

There was a song I loved during the 60s by Petula Clark entitled: “This is My Song”. This song was written by Charlie Chaplin that Silent Film comic who always played a vagabond tramp. Charlie Chaplin? So intrigued, I started digging deeper into the life of Charlie Chaplin. 

During his career in the film industry, Chaplin desired to do most of his roles himself. Not only was he accomplished as a comic, director, and producer, but also a musical composer and song writer. Whether there was a need for an actor or composer, he tried to fit the bill himself. He did it quite successfully in his 1952 movie “Limelight” and in writing a musical score for 1967 film, “A Countess from Hong Kong”. The music composed for “A Countess from Hong Kong” was the instrumental of “This is My Song” which was written and composed by Chaplin. It became an international hit in 1967 by Petula Clark who did not like the lyrics as she thought they were too old fashioned. Of course, Chaplin insisted the song be recorded as he directed, and it was. It was a great hit. Old fashioned, maybe. Perhaps Chaplin imagined a couple waltzing to this tune?

Chaplin was an accomplished pianist and composed and wrote lyrics to several songs, composing the song "Smile" sung by Nat King Cole was very popular.

All this was learned from facebook / social media (YouTube). So, I guess it is not so bad after all.

Thanking Charlie for such a beautiful melody, This is My Song.

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