A Merger is in the Works

Great news! Pets Uniting People Society, a 501c3 nonprofit pet protection network along with a Neuter/Spay Program, is merging with a publication, On a Mission Magazine.  There will no longer be a PUPS Digest. It will now be known as On a Mission Magazine, 'cause we are on a mission for the animals and the people who love them!
On a Mission Magazine will be the official magazine for the Pets Uniting People Society organization. 90% of the time, you will now find a pet-family photo on our covers. We are so excited about the merger! In addition, our family-favorite stories will continue, ie Patriotism Column by Ski Schanher will resume as it gives a wonderful perspective of our American heritage. Our writer Michael Manoloff  has an ongoing column on Ohio and famous people from our past. He always makes an easy history lesson with his writings and are enjoyed by a wide-audience. We have a new writer added to our list in our Country/Community Section and he is Mike Major. Mr. Major is famous nation-wide for his wonderful sculptures of well-known people. Next issue, he will being writing about his home conversion from when he and his wife moved to Urbana, Ohio. He tells about the stages of renovation of an old church building into their home and an art studio for his works. Lynn Berna will be back with her column, Life in the Second Act. After retiring from many years as a Christian radio personality, she is writing about her life in retirement, always an interesting read from Lynn. Kim Stokes Williams is writing about her Main Coon cat. Barry Horn will continue his column of the "Casual Observer".

Vickie Pressler is continuing to host her Seasonal Home column with a recipe that's easy and delicious. Here is what her column looks like for our current issue. Everyone loves chocolate! Chocolate cake is a favorite of many!

Plus, we will have NEW columns to give you updates about pet health from Northside Veterinary Clinic and tips for dog owners from John Zavaglia. To make it fun for everyone, send your pet stories in for review. Word count: 500 words with 2 photos. Your story may appear in the next On a Mission Magazine. Deadline for Apr-May-Jun 2021 which is March 10.

There is always a story where there is a dog or cat! They are family, for sure!

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