7 Perfect Steps to Success...How You Can Achieve Your Dreams

 Review by Carolyn Hayes...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Book by Bob and Cathy Dudley

7 Perfect Steps to Success…How You Can Achieve Your Dreams …I can see at first glance with its title…this book could easily be misinterpreted. One may see it as a self-help book. One might call it a book on how to acquire wealth. But after reading the book, here are my thoughts.

It is so much more than a self-help book or a book on how to get rich. To me, it’s a book that highlights the route to success in whatever your heart desires. If God places something on your heart, it’s such an unstoppable force that becomes “a precious burning desire,” a phrase from Bob, and something that doesn’t go away. Bob tells of his early life struggles and how he overcame many obstacles to achieve his success. He followed God’s design for his life and today he is a mentor and coach to many who find they too want success just like Bob.

Bob gives his readers a written plan to achieve their goals. His plan helps avoid the pot-holes, helps maneuver over obstacles, and keeps the focus straight on the SMART goal. Everyone needs to let God orchestrate each mile of the journey in achieving a purpose in life, which, in turn, are the keys to individual success. From start to finish, successes in life are initiated by God for His honor and glory and for our good!

In the last issue of On a Mission Magazine, its back cover sported an ad from a local car dealership and I loved its tag-line. It read: “For those who keep going…Always unstoppable.” This book’s tag-line might read: “For those who have a “precious burning desire…always unstoppable, bound for success!”

This book is your road map to success in life! My hope and prayer is that everyone enjoys the ride! I know I am! Thanks, Bob and Cathy for a great book!

Always My Hero

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