11th Annual PUPS' Autumn Leaves Closes with Success

How would I describe PUPS' "Autumn Leaves"? Well, let me have others answer this question. Diane Shaw said, "The PUPS' auction and brunch this morning was fantastic!" Julie Maes said, "it was a great event" and Ginny Roberts said, "It was wonderful. Everyone did a great job." Everyone at PUPS appreciates the kind remarks they hear about this yearly event. This was its 11th year. 

Bonnie Pugliese, a professional photographer, who takes on the task of photographing "Autumn Leaves" since 2015 says PUPS is a "very dedicated group of people who are concerned about the welfare of cats and kittens..."

PUPS has a great team working together to bring about "Autumn Leaves" every year. Rick Benning brings the room "alive" wherever its location. He is the best to give "Autumn Leaves" a "touch of class". Shirley Campbell offers her talent in crafting wonderful centerpieces for the event's dining tables which are given as door prizes at the end of the auction. J.D. at Willow Group donates the supplies to wrap the baskets in and bows to tie them up and some products too! Stacey, Dottie, and Debbie put the baskets together and place on the bows and ribbons, so festive! Plus, all the product donors have been better and better every year offering the best items to go up for auction. Donations from Susan PIke gives the event a perfect flair that entrigues all serious shoppers with purses by Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and other top designers.

PUPS' is already planning and preparing for the 12th Annual Autumn Leaves and a date for marking calendars will be revealed soon. In the interim, enjoy some photos from this event here: 11th Annual PUPS' Autumn Leaves pictures

Signed: Carolyn Hayes, PUPS Director


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