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October 19th, 2020:

Autumn Leaves Fundraiser

As I think about all that’s transpired in the last few months for the planning of our “Autumn Leaves” I know that the Lord HAS done great things for Pets Uniting People Society. We are grateful. These days consist of emotional highs and lows, good news and bad news, but we continue our mission.

I love thanking everyone and there are many. However, no matter how much one gives or how many times a ‘thank you’ is given in return, none of us can out give God!

We (Pets Uniting People Society – P.U.P.S.) are “blessed beyond measure”…we give a HUGE thank you to all who helped this year and all will be listed in our year-end newsletter, PUPS Digest.

Signed…Carolyn, Pets Uniting People Society Director

This couple is the inspiration of the Pets Uniting People Society (PUPS) organization. They could not attend this year’s Autumn Leaves, but, hopefully, will be able to be at the 2021…10th Annual Autumn Leaves. Thank you, Andy and Susan!
Here’s Judy, another Board Member, who could not attend “Autumn Leaves” this year. She is the reason the organization was started to begin with…it was seeing her love of animals that got us going! Thanks, Judy!
Just three Pets Uniting People Society board members attended this year. We missed Susan and Judy and hopefully all will be able to attend the 2021 “Autumn Leaves” tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 16, 2021.
“Cat in the Forest” Collector’s plate was just one of fourteen Silent Auction items.
Two Michael Kors Designer ensembles this year: Michael Kors Blue (shown) and also a Michael Kors Brown
Dr. Kumar and Collette Mukerjee among an attendance of 70, Saturday, October 10, 2020, at the Grand Ballroom at the Marriott. Plenty of room for social distancing. We all went by the rules.
Dr. Kumar and Collette Murkerjee without masks! Thanks for attending this year!
Table #3 enjoying all the happenings!
Other smiling participants in the “Autumn Leaves” auction/breakfast
Auctioneer Tim Lile, the best of the best!
Staci, Auctioneer Assistant, taking a break to check out the Silent Auction Line-up.
One of two Designer Coach ensembles!
The start of the Silent Auction…here are a few of the many items that were so generously donated!
Regular Auction Lineup…25 items this year
Silent Auction Lineup
Number #1 up for Auction…Spend-a-Day Marina, Pontoon Rental for the Day!
Busy Melissa Tuttle, a local candidate, visited “Autumn Leaves” …successful on a few bids!
Diamond Hoop Earrings appraised by James Free Jewelers at over $4700 … Beautiful!
There were 25 Regular Auction Items, 14 Silent Auction Items, and several Raffles this year. Here is the offering from Woeber Mustard Co. It’s always a good seller at the Regular Auction!
This is one of two Kate Spade Designer ensembles! Great style!

We also had two Coach Designer Ensembles. More pictures…coming! Thanking the two photographers there, Bonnie Pugliese and Tanya Stewart.

Table #6
Table #8
Table #9
Table #12
Patty and Marsha
Here is Dottie with the gals from CALICO (Cat Alliance Located in Central Ohio), Jodi Patton and Debra Smith, group that does TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) Another great TEAM!

Tim Lile, auctioneer, Staci Shaffer, assistant, and Ron Denney were instrumental in the success of the “Autumn Leaves” auction! They are top-notch! They added to the mix an online auction simultaneously this year. Great success!