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April 3rd, 2019:

How Many Raffle Tickets You Want?

This could be the trip for you if your ticket is drawn on May 31st, at our Spring Event, “50s / 60s Rock N Roll Party”, need not be present at Event to win Trip Raffle. The Event will feature the music we grew up with, trivia, All-American Buffet of Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and a vegan selection. Tickets for the Event are $25.

Here’s a scenic view of the Lexington-Versailles Kentucky Area

How many Raffle Tickets You Want? One? Two? Ten? Twenty? Raffle Tickets are $10. I know, I know. Someone else selling raffle tickets! Well every nonprofit has to do it. Every Board Member of Pets Uniting People Society has quantity of Raffle and Event Tickets to sell.

Here is the Raffle Ticket – $10

But the great thing is by buying a ticket or tickets you are not only purchasing an opportunity to win a terrific trip to the beautiful “A Storybook Inn” but also, helping more animals receive a neuter or spay surgery, cutting down on the overpopulation of pets.

Here is Event Ticket $25