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July, 2013:

Babs Was Adopted Today!

Babs Needs Home0002

Babs is a beautiful, loving cat, perfect companion

Babs’ mom died making Babs an orphan. It’s been quite a while since her mom died. She was so depressed when P.U.P.S. acquired her from her mom’s family.  Since our fosters were full, we had to kennel her for over two weeks and she got so depressed.

Then, her angel came, from Columbus, OH, to adopt her. Babs has come out of her shell and is doing very well these days. She was adopted into a wonderful home. Yes, prayers were answered when this young lady came to Babs’ rescue! Thanks, Rachel! Keep us posted and send us lots of pictures!

Babs is a beauty and her story will be featured in the next “PUPS Digest”. Her message to the world is: “please think through where your furbabies will live if something happens to you!” Make sure pets have a home for all their lives! It’s a commitment!Babs Out of Her Shell