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September, 2012:

Glad to Announce a Successful Autumn Leaves Extravaganza

Curtis Mumma, host auctioneer, did a superb job!

It was a picturesque day at Springfield Country Club, Saturday, September 29, 2012, the setting for P.U.P.S.’ Autumn Leaves fundraiser.

Springfield Country Club, view from our event setting

Ambience, Rick Benning, put the finishing touches on the inside event area with decorative banners and P.U.P.S. logo. Excellent job, Rick!

Approximately 67 women and men enjoyed the auction conducted by Curtis Mumma. There were raffles too and a 50/50 drawing.

The people, the food, the fun, and the atmosphere were the makings for the successful event. Kudo’s to so, so many!

AAA of Miami Valley’s Display Table

Every table setting had a favor packet of Ecco Bella lipstick and catalog plus a Cheryl’s individually wrapped cookie. Thanks Ecco Bella and Cheryl’s!

Photos by: Julie Shaffer

Appreciate P.U.P.S. board member Susan Pike and her husband Andy, Springfield Country Club members, for sponsoring this event! Kudos to all P.U.P.S. Board members and volunteers: Susan Pike, Judy Benning, Stacey Picolo, Dave and Dottie Smiddy, Rosemarie Benning, Julie Shaffer, Carol McCoy, Molly Pavalino, Becky Moyer, Ann Kallal, and Lyn Hardman who gave their time and commitment to make this event a success! In addition, P.U.P.S. board members are so grateful to Curtis Mumma, Ron Timmons, Ginger Hobbs Martin, and all the business vendors: Silpada Jewelry, Suzie Kruesch; AAA of Miami Valley, Cyndi Rose and Michelle Dudas; Juice Plus, Judi Martin; V-3, Robin Henry; Crystal Clear Imaging, Molly O’Rourke; and CAbi Clothing, Jenifer Moses.

Fabienne Daniels of Ecco Bella sent all event recipients lipsticks and catalogs. Mary Eckenrode, Cheryl Cookies, donated the delicious cookies! Additional gratitude to all the businesses and individuals who donated auction and raffle items. Appreciate the wonderful staff at Springfield Country Club: Craig, Rob, Bob, Sue, Doug, Melissa, and Sarah.  THANKS!


Cats Should Not Be Considered 2nd Rate Pets

NOTE: The City of Springfield, OH, has an ordinance for mass feeding (highlighted link below ‘Mass Feeding’). It is not known (by P.U.P.S.) if there is any ordinance for the county of Clark, in the state of Ohio. If someone is feeding strays, he/she have to “claim” cats as his/her domestic animals, keep area clean, and make sure the stray cats are neuter/spay and rabies shots. If one does all these things, do not know how this could be unlawful.



The Humane Way to Control Cat Colonies

Pets Uniting People Society (P.U.P.S.) contracted Northside Veterinary Clinic to host Neuter/Spay Days August 21, 28, and 29th. Thirty free-roaming cats were neutered or spayed (grant from The Ohio Pet Fund) and a rabies shot (cost of the rabies shots provided by generous donation from Mrs. Susan Pike, PUPS Board Member), all at no charge for the colony caregivers. We cannot always offer a free clinic, but when we can we will.

PUPS Board Member Dave Smiddy with Northside Vet Clinic Tech at Neuter/Spay Days Check-in

Unfortunately there are colony cats in neighborhoods that are not being altered or clinically vetted for rabies or other health problems. If cats are carriers of feline leukemia, they may have to be humanely euthanized so the disease does not spread.

Read about healthy and positive ways to manage a cat colony in the next issue of “PUPS Digest”. People and cats can live harmoniously. Why don’t we give it a try.

Keep in touch with this network blog to learn of more pet protection organizations that are offering neuter/spay days.