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August, 2012:

It’s Not Just the Business Down on the Corner Anymore

P.U.P.S. Seeks Affiliates Near and Far

Global warming, global economy, everyone’s talking around the world now via social media. Has your business or organization gone global? It’s not just the business down on the corner anymore. Businesses are looking to downsize, simplify, and globalify…and pet protection organizations are included in this mix. However, with this new business method, comes more precautions. Who can one trust? Checking out credentials is always a good idea. Make new business relationships lasting ones…it’s an exciting world out there! Bring it on!

P.U.P.S. is adding businesses to help in its mission endeavors from down the street to across America to across the ocean. Think about it. Businesses from across the miles may have the same interest and vision and wants to enter into this market area.

P.U.P.S. is happy to call its business affiliates partners in our network. Would your business be interested in joining us?

Contact P.U.P.S. and let’s talk business.


Are You a P.U.P.S. Club Member?

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Within the last week, Pets Uniting People Society (P.U.P.S.) received two email requests about relinquishing pets. We are concerned. We realize there are situations that arise which cannot be helped and rehoming pets becomes necessary.

Although P.U.P.S. is not a rescue per se, it does alert local rescues that people and pets are in need. P.U.P.S. does not have the facilities to bring in homeless pets. However, if we cannot assist in the distress call, P.U.P.S. will give sources that may be able to help. In addition, we offer resources on ways they may be able to keep the pet in their home. It’s a difficult world out there. People become unemployed, have health issues, or their environment is just not conducive to having a pet anymore.

That’s why it is so important to think it through before acquiring a pet, realize the responsibility. It’s a decision that should not be taken lightly. Try to rehome the pet yourself before calling on a rescue or pet protection organization. When rehoming a pet, screen the people who are interested in your pet to make sure the home will be the best for the pet. You know your pet better than anyone, study the situation and use your “gut” instinct if something about the perspective adopters are just not right. Check references and visit the perspective adopters’ home to see where your pet will live. If someone is really interested in your pet, he/she will be cooperative in the adoptive process.

Lastly, when you can, support your local rescues.

Here are just a few local rescues that you may not have heard of that need your financial support:

Miami Valley Dog Rescue (this organization helped us with P.U.P.S. last homeless dog, Taz)
His Hands Extended Sanctuary
Backyard Dog Project
PAWS (Urbana)

When you can, offer a donation to these helping rescues so they can continue to help others. It’s just the right thing to do. Since you have access to a computer, do an Internet search on the rescue you desire to help. If you cannot locate their contact information, contact P.U.P.S. and we will give you their address, phone number and email.

There are alternatives to the Humane Society and Animal Welfare League. The world of rescue is much more diversified (massive) than it was just five years ago.

Check your options…don’t quit until you know your pet is safe and in a great home. A pet deserves more than a good home, it deserves a GREAT home! Don’t stop until you find it.

In review, P.U.P.S. is all about education, awareness, and responsibility in animal welfare. Give to our mission when you can. P.U.P.S. believes in trap-neuter-release for free roaming cats. Please neuter/spay your pet.

This network blog is a community service from the P.U.P.S. Board:

Stacey Picolo
Judy Benning
Susan Pike
Rosemarie Benning
Dave Smiddy
Carolyn Hayes

Visit our Membership link. There is a support collar that fits your budget perfectly. With your membership, you will receive a hard copy of the “PUPS Digest” — the area’s progress report in animal welfare.