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Helping Animals and the People Who Love Them

savannah and goofy

Savannah w/Goofy. Goofy was neutered thru PUPS N/S Program.

Many people ask, “What does Pets Uniting People Society (P.U.P.S.)” do? As P.U.P.S. Director, I’m glad to be asked that question.

We are a pet protection network that provides education and awareness through print and social media. Also, we offer, for those people who qualify, free or at low-cost dog or cat neuter/spay.  In 2015, we neutered/spayed 285 cats and 8 small dogs. With assistance, we hope to accomplish more in 2016!

In addition, we offer some neuters/spays for free roaming cats for established colony care providers to keep the over population numbers at a minimum.

Pet protection education and awareness is the key for communities. That’s why our facebook page offers educational advice on various pet protection issues. We are a resource and referral organization regarding pet protection issues in southwest Ohio.

We (and other organizations to similar to ours) love animals and the people who love them. We network with like-organizations to make this world a little nicer for our 4-legged friends and for those who love them as we do.

Help us help others by attending a fundraising event or by donating an affordable amount at our Donation Link page. Thank you and visit us as often as you can to see any updates from our organization.

Pets Uniting People Society:

Carolyn Hayes, Judy Benning, Susan Pike, Dave (Dottie) Smiddy, Stacey Picolo, and Rosemarie Benning

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Invitation to Spring Health Fling, a PUPS’ Fundraiser

a balloon twist from tabitha

Little Girl hugging Her Balloon Twist by Miss Tabitha



Pets Uniting People Society – P.U.P.S. and all businesses/organizations involved are preparing for your arrival to our “Spring Health Fling” in the Arts & Crafts Building, Clark County Fairgrounds, Springfield, OH.

We thought we’d feature some pictures of some of what will be happening this year. Our venue is much bigger this year for more businesses/organizations. We are at the Clark County Fairgrounds, Arts & Crafts Building. The building will have a touch of decor by Ambience to make the building a festive and cozy environment to enjoy the day!

Miss Tabitha, Balloon Twister, will be there along with her face painting apprentice.

Pictures here are just a smidgen of what will be at “Spring Health Fling”!

Check back often for updates! Download our registration form.

spring health fling registration 2016

The PUPS Event Spring Cherish Paws 2015

Paws to Cherish (Frankie Bennett)

HHH Mary Kay 2015

Mary Kay (Sandy Zinger)

PUPS Spring Event Tupperware Baby 2015

Tupperware (Jennifer Ruhlen)

lularoe pic

LuLaRoe Fashions (Shana Martz) with a Fashion Show



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Touchless Love

By Mitch Aultman

We don’t trap-neuter-release (TNR) these cats that need us without knowing that one day the day we dread to face will be realized. We know that each day we spend with these mesmerizing creatures could, at any time, be the last.

We always hope it will never happen, but we know that their lives are not long by house cat standards; and, some live extraordinarily long lives by feral standards. That makes us happy because it gives us more time. They make us happy as our relationships develop. A whistle and four legs spring out of their hiding places as they recognize our signal, or the sounds of our cars, just a cat, just vermin, not worth anything, so, so very untrue. Love abounds between us and them. Trust is a measure of success, especially, when we’ve reached one and they respond to us, so contrary to their nature. We each have those little heart flips when something new happens. Each achievement, each new level of trust is important to us than any milestone in the average person’s life. Because we are doing the extraordinary, the unexpected work of reaching the lost hearts and souls of those who are abandoned. They aren’t just cats. They are the special ones we’ve chosen to dedicate ourselves to.

None of this comes lightly, we sacrifice in many ways, none of which we complain about because it is our nature. It is what gives meaning to our lives. It is also what will make the difference one day when people finally understand what it is that this insane and crazy person is actually doing. One day, it will all make sense to them. In the meantime, we celebrate our successes, we look forward to each visit we make with our special friends. Our hearts lift when they venture into new territory with us and finally break the barriers. We know we’ve made a difference and we know without a doubt that we matter. We know that they love us, when they trust us. We know the bond is there. We may never touch them, but still the love is there, the trust as well. That’s important.

We’ve achieved something that we never dreamed in our early years would matter so greatly to us, but it does. And then one day, the day we know will come, the day it ends, our hearts break, our tears flow, and pieces of our soul remain with them as they make their way to their everlasting home. Their memories, their stories, their presence in our lives are what makes us different, what makes us “not crazy”, but compassionate in extraordinary ways.

page 18 yellow kitty pictureRest in peace, my beautiful and wonderful little man. I don’t know why you were where you were, why I found you there or why it ever had to be in the first place, but you were. You gave me joy, love and trust and it changed me. It changed me greatly. I never wanted this day to come, but it did. I will never forget you. I never touched you, but I loved you and I know you loved me too in your own way. Your eyes told me every time we met for all the years I was lucky enough to be your person and caretaker. I can see that love shining brightly from your eyes in all my pictures. You were a street cat by circumstance, but no less important because of it. You mattered. You were important. And now you are gone, but will always be in my heart.

This story’s author, Mitchelyn Aultman, is Director of a nonprofit organization in the Albany/Leesburg, Georgia area called CatNappers. Facebook/Catnappers

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



board members picture 2015

Board Members (L to R): Dave Smiddy, Dottie Smiddy, Carolyn Hayes, Stacey Picolo, Rosemarie Benning, Judy Benning, and Susan Pike

All of us at Pets Uniting People Society want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! If you would like to make a year-end donation to help our programs, including Dot’s Connection, please donate at the link provided or by sending to: Pets Uniting People Society, Box 49, Tremont City, OH  45372.

cats kittens adoption 2

A litter of kittens adopted via Dot’s Connections


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It’s a Pets Uniting People Society

It’s been over 1,460 days since the networking of Pets Uniting People Society (P.U.P.S.) began. Officially, the P.U.P.S. experience started in February 2010 when the nonprofit Christian organization of “Family Journal” became “Pets Uniting People Society”.

Now-a-days P.U.P.S. is a network of the P.U.P.S. experiences…pets indeed uniting people together and it’s illustrated in all our daily lives. Just look at the many lives of people and animals all over the country (and world) that are changing for the good because of this networking…

Pets Uniting People Society networks with many organizations whose missions are for the good of animals and the people who love them.

For more information about networking, contact Pets Uniting People Society on this site or write to: P.U.P.S., Box 49, Tremont City, OH 45372. Someone will connect with you right away. With your help, this animal welfare network will grow on a daily basis.

doris day people mag pic

Nationally: Doris Day, at 90 years young, networks nonstop and physically cares for her own rescues daily. It’s a life dedicated to the betterment of lives of animals and the people who love them!

cat neuter spay month springfield high school

Locally: Networking in the schools bringing awareness of proper care of pets


Through adoption: Dottie Smiddy, Dot’s Connection, makes a daily commitment to animal welfare and has saved many through a network of caring and compassion

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4th Annual Autumn Leaves a Success!

autumn leaves scc close up 2015

Everyone had a good time on Saturday, September 26th at the beautiful Springfield Country Club. There’s no more glorious setting than the Springfield Country Club. We found the food selection this year was excellent, the staff courteous and helpful and all attendees seemed to enjoy themselves! Great reviews from everyone!

Pictures speak volumes! Enjoy!

autumn leaves the pikes 2015







autumn leaves nice picture of table line 2015

autumn leaves stacey and suellen 2015

autumn leaves table 2 line up 2015autumn leaves raffle table 2015

autumn leaves scc and pups logo 2015autumn leaves silent auction line up 2015autumn leaves buffet line 2015autumn leaves dining table 3 2015

autumn leaves stacey and lyn 2015autumn leaves brenda judy me 2015

autumn leaves line up people looking thru 2015autumn leaves ladies at table 8 2015

autumn leaves dining table 4 2015autumn leaves dining table 11 2015

autumn leaves volunteer of year 2015autumn leaves bright basket 2015

autumn leaves dining table view 2015

It was a nice event!

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Little by Little – Making a Difference in our Community

black tiny kittensLittle by little – many little ones are getting another chance at life – thanks to Dave and Dottie Smiddy, P.U.P.S. Board Members. All of us at Pets Uniting People Society are delighted to be able to help in some way to the welfare of these kittens.

As the stories go, these babies had traumatic beginnings, ie thrown from cars, left along the road to die, left behind when folks move away to fend for themselves which many times they are in desperate need of medical attention. It’s unbelievable how cruel people can be and the Smiddy family has seen so many sad cases and inhumane sights in parts of our community. They often wonder how many more are out there undiscovered.

dave and dottie PUPS 2015

Dave and Dottie Smiddy

In 2014, we had over 224 neuter/spays and we could have easily had more, but due to cats/kittens being so unhealthy, it took additional funds to get them well enough for the surgeries.

Pets Uniting People Society (P.U.P.S.) has filed application to several foundations in hopes that more funding can beblack trimmed snow shoe kitten 2015 obtained to make an even greater difference. When funds are available, Pets Uniting People Society offers a no-cost or low-cost neuter/spay program for small pets of individuals or families who qualify. P.U.P.S. offers neuter/spay vouchers to established colony care providers as well, when funds are available. This is ongoing and is needed to keep down the overpopulation in many areas of the county.

If you feel an urgency to help us in our quest, please send your donation to: Pets Uniting People Society, Box 49, Tremont City, OH 45372. Also, you can place a donation securely here at the “Donate” link. Thank you.


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Another Event Has Come and Gone

After many emails, phone calls, and meetings, another event has come and gone. Poof! All over and ready to meet the challenges for the next one. That’s what nonprofits do over and over again. Not only is it a challenge that an organization must fill to the best of its ability, but also an ongoing challenge to keep funding available to sustain the group/organization for another year.

The PUPS Event HHH Cover 2015Here are the results of many weeks of preparation in our “Home, Health & Happiness” fundraising event. Many thanks to all the people who made this possible, especially our sponsors: Cherish Paws (Jackson, Lytle & Lewis: Frankie Bennett); Signature HomeStyles (Brenda Landis); The Pampered Chef (Jenny Ward); Mary Kay (Sandra Zinger); Springfield Animal Care Center (Liz Spencer); Origami Owl (Janet Scott); Thirty-One (Tara Joseph); Wags N Wiggles (Laura Fazio); Plexus (Misti Smith); and Tupperware (Jennifer Ruhlen).

Also, congrats to Misti Smith, Plexus. She was the winner of our $1,000 Raffle Basket!

The PUPS Event Basket Winner Plexus 2015Here are more pictures from this fundraiser held at the Marriott, Downtown Springfield, Saturday, May 23rd.

The PUPS Event Speaker 2015

The PUPS Event Origami Owl 2015The PUPS Event Signature HomeStyle 2015

The PUPS Event Attendees in Room 2015

The PUPS Event Spring Cherish Paws 2015

PUPS Board Spring 2015

Thanks to a hard-working PUPS Board: (left to right) Dave & Dottie Smiddy, Carolyn Hayes, Stacey Picolo, Rosemarie Benning, Judy Benning, and Susan Pike

Kudos to our Program advertisers: Andy Richards (Jeff Wyler Chevrolet); Monte Zinn, Auto Consultant; Neal Kennels & Training Center; Ann Kallal (MaggieRossDogs.com); Mary Mann (PNC Mortgage); Woeber Mustard Company; Willow Group/Skalny Baskets; Buckeye PC Repair; Trupointe Farm & Home Store; Mumma Auctioneers & Realty; Armstrong Printing; and all sponsors of $1,000 Raffle Basket: Susan Pike; Helen Benning; Tom & Eileen Windon; Kroger’s; Christy McGregor; Collier’s Family Restaurant; Casa Del Sazon (Derr Road); Hidden Picture Treasure Books (Liz Ball); Woeber’s Mustards & Sauces; and Brenda Priest.

Door prizes: Oakwood Village & Bonnie’s Nursery

We appreciate the opportunity to promote the works of: National Trail Parks & Recreation / Central Bark & Woofstock for what they do here in Clark County, OH, and to The Ohio Pet Fund for all they do for pet protection nonprofit organizations all over the state of Ohio.

Thanks to The Courtyard Marriott and the beautiful day it was to showcase our downtown Springfield area.

Photos by: Bonnie Pugliese

Thanks to event volunteers: Brenda Priest and Lyn Hardman

The PUPS Event Marriott Outside 2015The PUPS Event Fountain Marriott 2015

The PUPS Event Mural Marriott 2015The PUPS Event Attendees Enjoying Outside Marriott 2015

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Home Health & Happiness

Saturday is the day!

Hope you made arrangements for your tickets. Breakfast begins at 10:30 or so. We will have a fun day! Ends about 2-ish! Travel writer/photographer Anietra Hamper, Columbus, OH, is our keynote speaker with her presentation: “Your Someday Starts Now”.


Businesses participating:

Jackson Lytle & Lewis (Frankie Bennett); Springfield Animal Care Center (Liz & Chelsea Spencer); Plexus (Misti Smith); Tupperware (Jennifer Ruhlen); The Pampered Chef (Jenny Ward); Signature HomeStyles (Brenda Landis); Mary Kay (Sandy Zinger); Thirty-One (Tara Joseph); Origami Owl (Janet Scott); Wags-N-Wiggles (Laura Fazio)

basket items for spring raffle 2015

Raffle Basket valued at $1,000…winner will be drawn at the event.


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Pets Uniting People Society Christmas Basket Winners

Here are the winners drawn by basketball player from Urbana University, Matt Csuhran, Panera Bread, December 13, 2014. Congratulations to: Kathie Coy and Donna Shepherd!

basket 2014 kathie coy winner

Kathie Coy and her Dog…Kathie first basket winner

basket 2014 donna shepherd and me

Donna Shepherd (left) second basket winner 2014

basket 2014 drawing basketball player

Matt Csuhran drawing first winner

basket 2014 drawing basketball player2

Matt drawing second winner

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