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Buy Christmas Raffle Basket Tickets 2017

If you missed the Northwestern High School Craft Show, here’s another opportunity to purchase Christmas Basket Raffle tickets for our drawing which will take place at Panera Bread, Springfield, Thursday, December 14th, 6pm! There will be two drawings. Here are the pictures of the two baskets…Large Basket Value: $300 and Small $100 – we will […]

Curtain Closes on Another Autumn Leaves

Our Autumn Leaves theme for this year was Hollywood Legends and Their Pets. It was a grand and glorious fundraiser on Saturday, September 23, Springfield Country Club thanks to so many wonderful local people and especially to some really important people in Hollywood, like: Doris Day, Bob Barker, and Kirk and Anne Douglas…our tribute was to them! Doris Day […]

Autumn Leaves Tickets

We are honoring “Hollywood Legends & Their Pets” as two stars, Doris Day and Bob Barker, helped us (and those groups like us from all over the country) because of the plight of animals and the people who love them. We want to show our appreciation for their love and kindness to animals over the years! It’s time to purchase […]

It’s Summertime and the Funding is Lean

    It’s summertime and the funding is lean! Yeah, it’s like this every summer, after a hard-hitting spring season, Pets Uniting People Society is low with funding and cannot help as many people and pets. Grants are few and far between and the ones we do receive we try to stretch the dollars as far as they […]

It Is Not Just About Numbers

Message from Carolyn Hayes, P.U.P.S. Director Our spay/neuter numbers were down from last year. We believe numbers were down due to the free-roaming kittens/cats that came into our care for whatever reason were ill or injured and needed medical attention. We can only use our grant funds for the neuter/spay surgeries. PUPS’ cats’ medical expense continues […]