Message from the Publisher

pups fall 2021 headerCan Never Say Thank You Enough

Many times, I have said how I repeat myself in writings. One friend said, “it’s okay to repeat oneself if the message is important.” That’s so true. We, at Pets Uniting People Society, thank and re-thank (if that’s a word) many times its supporters. Because if it weren’t for our members and followers, our purpose is for naught.

Supporters are varied in what they give. Some give their time to writings for the PUPS’ On a Mission Magazine, some give to support “Dot’s Connection” … our front cover story, Dottie Smiddy, some give to the Neuter/Spay program because that is most important, and some give to PUPS’ total mission.

It’s a mission to offer education, awareness and responsibility in animal welfare in print and social media with a neuter/spay program for feral/free-roaming cats and pets of low-income, qualified families.” In addition, giving support and aid to PUPS’ full-capacity shelter headed by the PUPS’ Co-Director, Judy Benning. She cannot accept any more pets because of full capacity, her age, and health. Judy is the reason “Pets Uniting People Society” was started in the first place. With her assistance, twelve years ago, we together founded this group. I will continue as PUPS’ administrator until I can no longer physically able to do the work. I am planning to retire by the time I reach 75 years of age which will be here before I know it.

So much has happened in the last six months. That’s why I need to write more on the PUPS’ Blog. Thanks to everyone involved in the various phases of this 501c3 nonprofit organization!

So thank you all who have given generously to this group. As I repeat myself once again, “One can never outgive God”. I thank my Lord and Savior each day that I can do what I do!

 Carolyn Hayes, Publisher

Message from the Board

Pets Uniting People Society or PUPS is a 501c3 nonprofit pet protection network that provides education and awareness through print and social media. They offer, for those people who qualify, free or low-cost dog or cat neuter / spay services. In addition, the group offers neuters/spays for free-roaming cats for established colony care providers to keep the overpopulation numbers to a minimum.

PUPS’ Autumn Leaves biggest fundraiser of the year is Saturday, October 1, 2022, Springfield Country Club, 10am. We hope you’ll be able to attend this year. We have a delicious breakfast and then a live auction along with a silent auction, raffles, and a 50/50. $25 for a ticket, no ticket sales at the door. Buy early as we have only 120 spaces to sell. Purchase your ticket online.

Congratulations to Dottie Smiddy! What an honor for being on the PUPS’ On a Mission cover for this edition. Dottie had no idea! We appreciate Janie Acton for writing Dottie’s story. Check Dottie’s personal Facebook page and the PUPS’ facebook #petsunitingpeoplesociety for the latest in news from our group.

~ Dave and Dottie Smiddy; Judy Benning; Stacey Picolo; Susan Pike.

Official DDAF GranteeThe Doris Day Animal Foundation funds nonprofit 501c3 organizations that need assistance in their work of caring for and protecting animals. Through our grants, scores of animal rescue and welfare organizations have received sustaining resources to continue their work, to offer additional services, or to expand their reach to the animals who most critically need their help. A special focus for DDAF is on programs benefitting senior pets and the people who love them.





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